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Rötheli Racing

Rötheli Racing titanium wheel bolts

Rötheli Racing titanium wheel bolts

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Wheel bolts suitable for the Weds rims, as the original wheel bolts can no longer be used.

Price is for a complete set of 20 pieces.

Weight: 17g/pc.

We are pleased to present you our titanium wheel bolts. These bolts have been specifically designed to reduce weight on the wheels for improved performance.

Our titanium wheel bolts are real lightweights, weighing just 17 grams each. Compared to conventional steel bolts, which weigh around 68 grams, you can save a significant amount of weight with our titanium wheel bolts. This saving in unsprung weight helps improve acceleration, sharpen steering response and optimize the vehicle's overall response time.

The wheel bolt weight saving is especially important if you are an enthusiast looking to fine-tune the performance of your vehicle. With a conventional assembly using 20 steel screws, the total weight would be around 1.36 kg. By using our titanium wheel bolts, the total weight is reduced to just 340 grams, which means an impressive weight saving of 1.02 kg.

This significant weight saving has a noticeable impact on the driving dynamics of your vehicle. You benefit from improved acceleration, more agile handling and more precise steering. Every gram of unsprung weight saved helps improve your vehicle's performance and takes the driving experience to a new level.

Our titanium wheel bolts are made from high quality titanium, known for its strength and lightness. Thanks to their high-quality construction, they offer reliable and secure attachment of the wheels, while reducing weight at the same time.


These wheel bolts do NOT fit the original rims.

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