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Speed ​​delimiter / Vmax cancellation

Speed ​​delimiter / Vmax cancellation

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Speed ​​Delimiter / Vmax cancellation Toyota GR Yaris

The Toyota GR Yaris is limited to 230km/h (speedometer display) as standard.
This is of course undesirable for the German Autobahn or for the race track.

So here is the solution!
This completely eliminates the speed limit of 230 km/h and the car runs completely free at the top.
Approx. 260 km/h are possible with standard performance, with performance increase also over 270 km/h.
This small microcontroller-controlled box is fixed under the paneling in the left area of ​​the driver's footwell, looped into an original plug and supplied via a fuse thief and ground.

No cables need to be cut! The solution is completely retrograde!
The module can be used completely independently of further tuning (chip tuning, software, etc.)!


  • Speed ​​limit is lifted
  • Module is Plug & Play!
  • Connects to OEM connector in driver's footwell
  • Supply by security thief and grounding loop
  • No original cables have to be cut up
  • Disappears invisibly behind the disguise
  • No ECU errors
  • 100% compatible with other tuning measures (e.g. chip tuning)
  • Can be removed without leaving any residue
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