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Rötheli Racing

Rötheli Racing Lower Strut Brace

Rötheli Racing Lower Strut Brace

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We are pleased to present our additional body strut "Lower Strut Brace", specially developed for the GR Yaris to increase body rigidity and enable a more direct handling.

Our "Lower Strut Brace" has been carefully engineered to ensure optimal fit and rigidity. Installing this strut improves the torsional rigidity of the body, especially in the front of the vehicle. This leads to a reduction in unwanted body movements and enables more precise transmission of steering movements to the wheels.

By increasing the body rigidity, the handling of the GR Yaris is significantly more direct and responsive. You'll experience improved cornering stability, better traction and an overall more agile driving experience. The "Lower Strut Brace" is therefore an ideal addition for enthusiasts who want to exploit the full potential of their GR Yaris.

Our "Lower Strut Brace" is manufactured from high-strength steel and is subject to strict quality controls to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. Assembly is easy and is done with the screws and nuts provided.

We would be happy to install the strut for you.

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