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Rötheli Racing

Rötheli Racing Cap

Rötheli Racing Cap

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We offer two different styles to choose from: the stylish trucker cap and the classic snapback cap. Both caps are embroidered with our high-quality Rötheli Racing "RR" logo.

These caps are characterized by their first-class quality and will inspire you. They are not only stylish but also durable and comfortable to wear. Whether you are a passionate racing fan or just want to express your individual style, our Rötheli Racing Caps are the perfect choice.

Caps are always black with white embroidery.

Trucker cap and snapback cap are two different types of hats/caps, each with different characteristics:

  1. trucker cap
    The trucker cap is known for its distinctive design with a slightly curved foam front panel and mesh back. This combination of materials ensures good ventilation and breathability, which is particularly pleasant in warm weather. The size of the trucker cap is adjustable so that it can be adapted to different head sizes. The trucker cap offers a casual and sporty look and is ideal for leisure use.

  2. snapback cap
    The snapback cap is characterized by its classic design with a flat peak, where the back panel of the cap is equipped with an adjustable plastic fastener. Thanks to the adjustable closure, the snapback cap can be adjusted to the individual head size. This makes them particularly versatile and suitable for different head shapes. Snapback caps offer a secure and structured fit. They are popular for their urban and trendy look.

Ultimately, the choice between a trucker cap and a snapback cap comes down to personal preference and the style you want. Both offer high quality and the embroidered Rötheli Racing "RR" logo gives them an individual touch.


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