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Rötheli Racing

MT carbon hood

MT carbon hood

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We can now present you the extraordinary carbon bonnet from the same manufacturer for the GR Yaris.

Why is she so special, you might ask?

  1. The quality of the carbon is outstanding. As with all of their products, the company handcrafts this bonnet in Germany and is known for its first class workmanship. You can count on a precise and durable construction.

  2. The design of the carbon bonnet is perfectly matched to the GR Yaris. It blends seamlessly into the lines of the vehicle and gives it a sporty and aggressive look. This bonnet is not only a functional component, but also an aesthetic highlight.

  3. In addition to its impressive aesthetics, the carbon bonnet also offers practical advantages. The use of carbon material significantly reduces the weight of the bonnet, resulting in improved weight distribution and increased vehicle agility.

  4. The latest technologies and materials are used in the manufacture of the carbon bonnet in order to meet the highest quality standards. The carbon material is not only light, but also extremely resistant to loads and environmental influences. This ensures a long service life and excellent resistance to heat and mechanical stress.

  5. The installation of the carbon bonnet is uncomplicated and takes place at the existing attachment points of the GR Yaris. With this bonnet, you not only give your vehicle an individual touch, but also benefit from the functional advantages of the carbon construction.

Delivery time can be 8-12 weeks.
Shipping costs must be calculated separately.

No street legal in CH/DE possible.

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