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MT carbon rear wing

MT carbon rear wing

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Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the best all-carbon rear wing for a GR Yaris available.

Why is he the best, you might ask?

  1. The full carbon rear wing for the GR Yaris is the result of precise engineering work. Every aspect of this wing has been carefully calculated to achieve an optimal balance between downforce and aerodynamic efficiency. This improves driving stability at high speeds and ensures an impressive driving experience on the race track or on winding roads.

  2. In addition to its functional performance, the carbon rear wing also impresses with its aesthetic design. The perfect fit and the seamless integration into the appearance of the GR Yaris make it an eye-catcher. It gives the vehicle a sporty and aggressive look that underlines the performance of the GR Yaris.

  3. Manufactured by experienced professionals who know their craft, this rear wing meets the highest quality standards. The carbon material is not only light, but also extremely robust and resistant to withstand the demands of motorsport. You can rest assured that this rear wing is a long-term investment that you will enjoy for a long time.

  4. The assembly of the carbon rear wing is uncomplicated. It comes with all the necessary fasteners and easily installs onto your GR Yaris' existing rear wing.

Delivery time can be 8-12 weeks.
Shipping costs must be calculated separately.

No street legal in CH/DE possible.

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