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Kotouc GR Yaris 7 speed sequential gearbox

Kotouc GR Yaris 7 speed sequential gearbox

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our advantages

The Toyota Yaris GR is getting serious! One of the most popular and coveted cars on the road and track now has a gearbox to match! If you want to give your Yaris GR the superstar treatment, then the 7-speed sequential gearbox from Kotouc Gearboxes is a must.

The 7-speed sequential gearbox is designed to fit in the original position as a replacement for the standard gearbox. In addition, the same clutch, flywheel, starter, gearbox bearings and drive shafts are retained. No modifications to these parts are required, so installation is quick, saving time and money.

For those looking to upgrade, the sequential transmission is prepared for a hydraulic clutch bearing and paddle shifter mounting position. An oil outlet and inlet are provided for compatibility with an oil pump and cooler and a spare thread is prepared for an oil temperature sensor.

Our dog ring technology and shift cylinder design results in the smoothest, cleanest shifting transmission on the market. The arrangement of the gears on the shafts allows for a 7-speed gearbox in a space where only 5 gears would normally fit. In addition, the gears have a maximum width of 25 mm! Almost twice the size of the original Toyota gears.

With this gear's already high popularity, there's no time to wait! Call us today to get this amazing gear!


Why should you choose us over the competition? There are many reasons why we are the market leader in 7 speed sequential gearboxes and if you take a closer look at the product you can see why.

  • Possibility to fit an aftermarket twin plate clutch! Don't get caught! As you increase the power of the Yaris (who doesn't!), at some point it will be necessary to fit a twin plate clutch. Our gearbox is prepared for this necessary modification. Others don't.

  • Milled case! The machined housing ensures that the gearbox has minimum weight with maximum strength. Compared to a cast case with a tensile strength of 240 MPa, the machined case has a tensile strength of 580 MPa!

  • Strength and Durability! All our gears 1-7 are bigger, wider and stronger. With an average increase in width of over 17% and the 7th gear that's a whopping 31% wider!

  • No modifications! The gearbox fits your original brackets, original clutch bearings and drive shafts. Quick installation with no problems.

Application: Toyota Yaris GR
Transmission type: 7-speed fully sequential transmission
Maximum torque: 1400 Nm
Shift pattern: RN-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-RN-1-2...
Tooth profile: straight teeth

Your further advantages

  • drive shafts! You want the drive shafts to stay in the correct position in the car. The competition has a displacement of 4mm, which can negatively impact the GR Yaris' handling and performance.

  • Street Pack Available! Our cables and brackets are the original and best solution to keep the interior in its original condition without having to drill or modify anything.

  • Complete solution! We have the ability to offer a complete flat shifting and double-declutching package that uses the original ECUs.

  • Customer Support! Do you have questions and need answers? Because we test our products and actively work on the Yaris, we know it inside out and our customer support is second to none.

Please inquire for price.

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