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Rötheli Racing

IRP double disc clutch with single mass flywheel

IRP double disc clutch with single mass flywheel

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The new dual-disc clutch from IRP replaces the original dual-mass flywheel with a single-mass flywheel. This combination offers improved performance and multiple benefits for the rider.

By using a lighter single-mass flywheel instead of the original dual-mass flywheel, the rotational weight of the clutch is significantly reduced. This results in faster engine acceleration and improved engine response. The lighter flywheel allows the engine to rev faster and transfer power to the wheels more efficiently.

Another benefit of a lighter flywheel is improved vehicle drivability. The vehicle responds more agilely to accelerator pedal commands, since the flywheel's lower rotational weight enables faster acceleration and deceleration. This helps to improve overall performance and control, especially when driving in a sporty manner or when used on the track.

Overall, the sports clutch offers improved performance, agility and efficiency with a lighter single-mass flywheel. It's a popular option for drivers who want to take their vehicles to a higher level of performance and want a sportier driving experience.

Not recommended for everyday use as the noise and vibrations increase massively.

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