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GR Yaris Racetrack Cooling Pack

GR Yaris Racetrack Cooling Pack

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Complete cooling package consisting of all ventilation for relaxed track day visits.
All parts are also available separately

- front differential cooling (red or black)

- rear ITCC/diff cooling

- Brake cooling kit

-Heat protection shims for the brake calipers

Front differential cooling:

In order to reduce the stress on the components on the racetrack or under high stress, Toyota offered an underbody paneling with an integrated channel. Unfortunately, this product was suddenly discontinued in the EU by Toyota dealers without replacement. However, there are a few dealers who independently import and sell it from overseas. We now offer an aftermarket solution that can be fitted to your original underbody to cool the transmission and transfer case while driving with airflow.

To adapt the component, the original underbody must be cut at a marked point. The rear support for the underbody must also be removed. The further installation of the cooling unit on the underbody is carried out using the screws supplied.

Please plan a delivery time of about 2-3 weeks. The product is available in red or black, or other colors of your choice for an additional charge. Due to the batch of filament, colors may vary slightly.

Rear ITCC/Diff Cooling

Over the past six months at various circuits, it has become apparent that the Yaris GR's all-wheel drive often overheats and fails as a result. This is favored by the use of slicks/semi-slicks and an aggressive driving style with few cooling-off phases.

First we tried to tackle the problem with small measures. The clutch for the all-wheel drive system is located at the rear of the differential and the temperature sensor is located above the exhaust system - not an ideal starting point.

With our compact cooling unit, we can blow targeted air from the underbody onto this component to counteract the temperature problem. Of course, this cannot provide a 100% guarantee against 4WD failure. Nevertheless, several customer vehicles at BilsterBerg suffered a four-wheel drive failure after 4-5 laps without cooling, while we were able to drive 9 laps in a row without a failure in test runs with two vehicles.

Of course, we are aware that we cannot achieve a cooling capacity of 10°C or more with it. Still, it helps the 4WD unit handle temperature management a bit better and allows you to do longer stints on the track.

The unit is attached to the lower tank panel with two screws. A special "rivet nut pliers" with two M6 rivet nuts is required for this. We would also be happy to do the installation for you!

Brake Cooling Kit

2x 3d printed channels to connect to the OEM output
4x screws for fastening the channels
4x hose clamps for hose assembly
2x adapters for hose attachment on the brake caliper
2x 51mm hose black
2x cable ties to reinforce the channels

currently approx. 2 weeks delivery time!!!

Please note that these kits were designed for the standard car chassis/damper stabilizers. Basically, it also fits with other undercarriage options, but you still have to pay attention to clearance etc. and there can be complications with some aftermarket parts

Heat protection shims for the brake calipers

Due to the intensive use on the race track, the standard brake calipers suffer, in particular the dust protection sleeves of the brake pistons and the brake fluid. Through the targeted use of our stainless steel shims, we can keep the heat from the brake pads away from the brake pistons. This also improves the thermal load on the brake fluid, since it ages faster in high heat cycles. In contrast to the titanium shims on offer, we know exactly the alloy of our stainless steel, since titanium has a higher thermal conductivity than stainless steel, depending on the alloy. As comparison:

  • Stainless steel 1.4301 has a thermal conductivity of 15 W/mK.
  • Titanium without an alloy specification has a thermal conductivity of 22 W/mK.

The shims are therefore the ideal companion to get an even more stable brake for use on the racetrack. Since the heat doesn't go away completely, of course, it's important that it can be dissipated in some other way. Replacing the standard brake discs from right to left in conjunction with our active brake cooling ensures that the temperature generated during braking can be optimally dissipated to the outside via the brake disc's ventilation channels.

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