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Chip tuning stage 1 - 310hp / 420Nm

Chip tuning stage 1 - 310hp / 420Nm

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We are pleased to present our self-developed chip tuning Stage 1, which offers an impressive increase in performance both on the road and on the race track.

Our chip tuning Stage 1 was specially developed for your engine and optimizes the performance of your vehicle to a new level. With our state-of-the-art software adaptation, we increase the power of your engine from 261 hp and 360 Nm to around 310 hp and 420 Nm.

This increase in performance has a noticeable effect on the handling of your vehicle. You will experience a significant increase in acceleration and improved pulling power. Our chip tuning ensures a more direct engine response, which leads to improved throttle response and increased driving pleasure.

Our chip tuning Stage 1 was not only developed for use on the road, but also tested on the racetrack. We attach great importance to reliability and durability to ensure that your vehicle performs optimally in all conditions. Thanks to our careful tuning, you can fully enjoy the additional performance both in everyday life and on sporty journeys.

It is important to mention that our Chiptuning Stage 1 takes into account the interaction between performance and safety. We optimize the parameters of your engine to increase performance while maintaining all relevant protections. This ensures a safe and reliable increase in performance without unduly compromising the durability of your engine.

Included is a before and after measurement on a state-of-the-art roller dynamometer.

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